Субкомпактный карабин FN SCAR-SC

FN SCAR 17 – Warzone Best Loadout & Attachment Setup

PrimaryFN Scar 17
Secondary .357 or Renetti
LethalFrag Grenade
Tactical Flash Grenade or Stim
Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2High Alert
Perk 3Battle Hardened

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All-Around Assault Rifle

The FN Scar 17 is a weapon that you can use in most scenarios. Having attachments that make it into a more accurate rifle is recommended in Warzone due to the vast open spaces usually found on the map.

Cold-Blooded To Snipe Enemies

The Cold-Blooded perk negates the effects of High-Alert. This allows you to shoot down enemies lying out in the open without worrying if they can detect you.

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Attachment Setup For FN SCAR 17

Automatic MMR

Muzzle BrakeRedirects gasses outward to stabilize the weapon for better control of sustained fire.
FORGE TAC 17.2 LB17.2″ barrel with a guard extension increase muzzle velocity and extend range. Additional weight stabilizes shots at a small cost to mobility.
FTAC HunterHeavy duty stock keeps your aim steady for precision shots.
Merc ForegripExtended foregrip reduces vertical recoil and provides stability from the hip for fast paced guerrila tactics.
Granulated Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Smooth and granulated tape for a relaxed and controlled grip. Keeps you steady and on target.

Highly-Accurate Assault Rifle

The FN SCAR 17 can be outfitted with attachments that further increase its already superb accuracy. The control stats can also be increased using the above kit.

Fire From Afar

This loadout finds good use in mid to long-range encounters. Use it when fighting against enemies from afar and remember to fire in bursts instead of hammering down the trigger.

FN SCAR 17 – Modern Warfare Best Loadout & Attachment Setup

PrimaryFN SCAR 17
Lethal Semtex or Thermite
Tactical Heartbeat Sensor or Stim
Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Shrapnel

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SCAR For Mid-Range Fights

Take advantage of the SCAR’s high damage output by using attachments that reduce recoil and increase accuracy. Make good use of the MP7 when moving around or when clearing buildings.

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Attachment Setup For FN SCAR 17

Versatile Weapon

Muzzle BrakeRedirects gasses outward to stabilize the weapon for better control of sustained fire.
5mW LaserUltra bright 5mW green laser greatly improves hipfire accuracy and speeds up target acquisition after sprinting. Exposes position when active. Only for the aggressive.
XRK Obelisk ProThe most stable stock available, provides exceptional control while aiming at the cost of mobility.
Operator ForegripNo frills foregrip helps control vertical recoil for faster follow-up shots.
Rubberized Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Rubberized grip keeps gun tight in hand. Less steady, but helps control recoil.

Great Accuracy Without Compromise

This build greatly increases the FN SCAR’s innately high accuracy using various attachments. It also somewhat bumps up Control a bit while not sacrificing too much Mobility.

Go Accurate All The Way

You can further increase the accuracy by slapping in barrels that boost range and bullet velocity as you can rely on your MP7 or any SMG for CQC.

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